The deterministic safety analysis (DSA) is a structured approach for nuclear power plants to confirm that plant safety functions can be performed with the necessary reliability and that the necessary structures, systems and components, in combination where relevant with operator actions, are capable and sufficiently effective, with adequate safety margins, to keep the releases of radioactive material from the plant below acceptable limits.

APOSS staff has experience with:

  • Preparation, documentation and review of DSA for different plant states:
    • Normal Plant Operation State (including plant maneuverability study);
    • Anticipated Operational Occurrences;
    • Conservative and Best Estimate analysis of Design Basis Accidents;
    • Design Extension Conditions with/without significant fuel degradation;
  • Preparation and documentation of computer code input data (development of Plant Specific Engineering Handbooks for RELAP, APROS, MELCOR and MAAP codes);
  • DSA standards, guidelines and norms;
  • All relevant DSA applications:
    • Supporting analyses for PSA Level 1, 2 and Low Power and Shutdown PSA;
    • Preparation scenarios, validation and verification of various AOP/EOP/SAMG/EDMG (table top exercise or on plant simulator);
    • Supporting analyses for Design Modification Changes ;
    • Regulatory reviews of analyses done by licensee;
    • Periodic Safety Review;

APOSS also offers deterministic assessments for other facilities and systems with similar or simplified techniques and methods.

APOSS - System Reliability and Safety Analyses Inc. for services and engineering

APOSS – System Reliability and Safety Analyses Inc. for services and engineering